MAGENE GRAVAT 2 Power Trainer Ultra Silent


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Rp 11.500.000


GRAVAT2 Ultra-Quiet Direct-Drive Smart Power Trainer
Garansi TOKO883 : 6 bulan.


1. Magene Heart Rate Sensor (Dual mode)
2. Magene Cadence Sensor (Dual mode)

Isi Paket:
- Gravat Power Trainer
- Adaptor listrik
- Quick release
- 130-135 mm Spacer Hub Reversibel
- Magene USB ANT reader (untuk baca ANT+ sensor pakai laptop)
- Magene Cadence sensor
- Magene Heart Rate sensor
- Kabel ekstensi USB
- Kartu garansi, Buku

Pake JNE Trucking kena 40 kg.
berat asli dus 18 kg. Bisa kirim pakai Herona
Jakarta dan sekitar kirim pakai GOCAR saja.

Gravat 2 Trainer is accurate and respectable...
Bisa googling baca Review Terpercaya dari DC RAINMAKER

The all-new and upgraded Gravat 2 featuring more stable power data, greater inertia experience, lower power consumption, and full support for 12mm thru axle bikes, the vast majority of disc brake bikes, now a seasoned product; the best choice for power-based training.

- Power: Six poles electromagnetic brake, built-in strain gauge,+/-3% accuracy .
- Performance: provides maximum 2500w power and maximum 15% analogous slope gradient, which meets different cyclists demand.
- Interface: Bluetooth, ANT+ dual protocol wireless interface.
- Structurealuminium alloy frame, single pivot folding structure, lighter weight, easier to take in.
- Quiet: adopts noiseless belt, except the voice of chain, it is extremely noiseless.
- Convenient Plug & Play, offers incremental resistance adjustment by the exclusive analogous windage algorithms.
- Inertia Gravat 2.0 is a direct drive trainer, with an upgraded 6.4kg flywheel, the inertia is almost the same with what youll feel when riding outdoors. The users will not be bothered by slipping and stopping immediately once they stop pedaling.
- Function supports FE-C protocol, with all functions. In addition to the official Onelap virtual training software,it supports various cycling training software, also supports to use Target power type by adjusting resistance automatically to do efficient power training.
- Firmware Upgrades continuous technical support, optimizing the algorithms and developing function by updating Bluetooth firmware.

- Max Wattage:2500W @60KPH
- Max Incline:15%@70KG
- Accuracy:3%
- Calibration:Spindown,Zero,Temperature Compensation
- Size:600518.5453MM
- 600511.5314MM Folded
- Supports ANT+ FE-C:Yes
- Wireless Technology: ANT+, Bluetooth Smart
- Total Weight:16.5KG
- Flywheel Weight:6.4kg

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